Gilmore City, Iowa

Iowa's Limestone Capital

Staff Directory

Outlined are brief descriptions of some of the job positions held in Gilmore City.  

City Clerk - the City Clerk in Gilmore City has a wide variety of responsibilities.  This person is responsible for all financial reporting, utility billing, utility reports, payrolls, accounts payable, accounts receivable, ordinance updates, council minutes, web master, and public relations just to name a few.

Deputy Clerk - Responsible for assisting the City Clerk as needed.

Public Works - the Public Works department is most responsible for keeping your water safe to drink by operating and maintaining the water and wastewater plants. The PWD also handles the gas utilities. Street repairs, maintenance, and snow removal are also their responsibility.  Other duties include spraying weeds, mowing, and general maintenance needs.

All City Employees can be reached through City Hall.

515-373-6326 Phone

515-373-6314 Fax

Kathy Carman

Deputy City Clerk, assistant to City Clerk
Deputy City Clerk, assistant to City Clerk
Deputy Clerk, City Hall