Gilmore City, Iowa

Iowa's Limestone Capital

Gilmore City Garden Club

The Gilmore Garden Club is comprised of local volunteers who LOVE to garden.  They have made it their mission to make sure that Gilmore City looks its best!  They have completed many projects

in town such as planting flowers and shrubs in Gazebo Park, coordinated with the Gilmore Garden Center to raise funds and plan the landscaping around the Gilmore City entry signs on Hwy 3, and this year received a grant to purchase decorative pots for our main street, Gilmore Street.  As you can see in the pictures they turned out beautifully!

For information on how you can join this enthusiastic group of growers, contact Connie Benjamin @ 373-6464. 

Hometown Pride Project

The GC Garden Club is currently serving as the Hometown Pride Project Committee.  The project is based on improving the community.  All ideas, opinions and volunteers for service projects are strongly encouraged.  For more info contact City Hall @ 515-373-6326.